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August 3, 2016

Head to Head Challenge 1- Uncle Bob-ing

Time for Twin or Lose’s first Head to Head Challenge!  What better competition than a family tradition.  Uncle Bob-ing: Where you go behind a boat picking up different items on every lap.  Come and check it out and leave a comment Below!

Head to Head Challenge Video


May 31, 2016

Challenge 6- Narrating each others “Day in the Life” video

This Week the fellas each Made a day in the life video (snippets of video throughout a day) and then sent them to the other to Narrate as each other… Yes we know very confusing.   Enjoy!


Dusty’s Video (Black shirt) as Dylan‡

There’s a big spider on Dusty’s keyboard.  He will post his video once it leaves…. If it leaves.

Dylan’s Video (White shirt) as Dusty‡

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May 24, 2016

Challenge 5- Making “Found Art”

This Week the guys are going to make “Found Art”.. Whatever that means.  Here’s their interpretations.

Dylan’s (White Shirt)‡Badge Mom

Dusty’s (Black Shirt)‡Badge Dad

May 17, 2016

Challenge 4- Who can make the better Camping Meal

The fellas get back to nature with this weeks challenge  “Who can make a better camping meal (for their parents love)”.  Lets see if either of them can make food that doesn’t involve a microwave.

Dusty’s (Black shirt) Video‡Badge Mom

Dylan’s (White shirt) Video‡Badge Dad

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May 10, 2016

Challenge 3- Making a Mothers Day Card

This Week the Twins Battle in the Art of Mothers Day Card making.  Who’s Card will their Mom (and Dad) like more.  Who will they LOVE more?  Here are the entrys.

Dylan’s Card (White shirt)‡Badge MomBadge Dad

Dusty’s Card (Black shirt)‡

May 3, 2016

Challenge 2- Making a cartoon about Childhood

In this week’s challenge Dusty and Dylan have to make a comic about childhood. Get mentally and spiritually prepared for your daily dose of puns, childishly bad drawings and nostalgia.

Dusty’s (Black Shirt)‡Badge Mom

Dylan’s (White shirt)‡Badge Dad

April 25, 2016

Challenge 1- Making a theme Song

We’re doing our First weekly Challenge!  This weeks challenge is “Make a theme song for the website”.  Lets see which horrible mistake of musical epiphany this website will be stuck with.

Dylan’s (White shirt) Video‡

Dusty’s (Black shirt) Video‡  Badge Dad Badge Mom

Please vote for the song you think we should be stuck with on the Voting page.  Tell us what you think in the comments section.  Positive or Negative, either way one of us will be happy about it.  Remember, if you don’t vote or comment then our parents won’t know which one to love more.