Challenge 1- Making a theme Song

We’re doing our First weekly Challenge!  This weeks challenge is “Make a theme song for the website”.  Lets see which horrible mistake of musical epiphany this website will be stuck with.

Dylan’s (White shirt) Video‡

Dusty’s (Black shirt) Video‡  Badge Dad Badge Mom

Please vote for the song you think we should be stuck with on the Voting page.  Tell us what you think in the comments section.  Positive or Negative, either way one of us will be happy about it.  Remember, if you don’t vote or comment then our parents won’t know which one to love more.

5 Comments on “Challenge 1- Making a theme Song

  1. I like how you both included a bit of the creative process. Dylan, I really am disappointed the children’s choir didn’t make the cut! They must be devastated. I suggest sending them hand-written notes as an apology. I also liked that you both included some home video footage. I can’t decide which one was cuter…

    1. Melissa don’t you know that kids can’t read handwriting nowadays.. I’ll tweet out an apology with the hashtag #sadchoir. That should reach them.

      1. You’re so in touch with today’s youth. That should probably work.

        ps. I really did like Dustin’s hook. It was pretty great, amirite? Tough call.

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